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Pro Logic water softener with LED control valve display next to a brine tank


97% Efficiency and a Life Expectancy Up to 25 Years

The Pro Logic Water Softener uses a patented microprocessor to adjust your water reserve based on previous needs, saving you money. Featuring adjustable cycles, upflow regeneration and a floating reserve to ensure a constant supply of soft water, the Pro Logic performs at the highest levels of efficiency.

Pro Logic High Efficiency Water Softener

Our exclusive soft water brining keeps internal parts vital to the proper operation of the system free from the wear and tear of hard water, and the easy-to-use LED display provides up to the minute information on operational status and reserve capacity. With a 97% efficiency rating and a life expectancy of up to 25 years, the Pro Logic will provide worry and maintenance free soft water for years to come.



  • High Efficiency regeneration saves on salt & water usage
  • 365 day variable reserve accurately tracks and predicts daily water use
  • Up-Flow regeneration improves system performance & efficiency
  • Soft water make-up brining adds years of trouble free service
  • High Performance 1" control valve & 1" distributor ensures the highest possible flow rate throughout the home
  • Twelve fully programmable cycles provide the flexibility to treat a wide range of water problems
  • Fully tested and Engineered Diagnostics 
  • Lifetime warranty on both tanks, seven year warranty on the control valve 
  • 97% Efficiency (conversion of salt to sodium chloride)


prologic spec rev 2510pro c


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