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Iron Master

A five stage iron filtration and softening system with a brine tank from Water Doctors

Eliminate all iron and hardness molecules such as calcium and magnesium by combining filtration and softening with the Iron Master.

Iron Master

Arsenic Master

An arsenic filtration system and brine tank from Water Doctors

Solve arsenic problems with the state of the art Infinity Arsenic Master featuring a five stage filtration process for total purity.

Arsenic Master

Capsule Iron Filtration System

Air Capsule Iron Filtration System from Water Doctors

Remove iron that can leave stains on sinks, dishes, and clothes, and give your drinking water an unsavory metallic flavor.

Capsule Iron Filter

Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidizer

A hydrogen sulfide filtration system and brine tank from Water Doctors

Take care of water contaminated with harmful hyrdogen sulfide, arsenic, iron, manganese, and other unwanted chemicals and dissolved solids.

Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidizer

Dechemilizer Series

A twin-tank dechemilizer system and brine tank from Water Doctors, which can target chlorine, acidity, turbidity, and more

Water Doctors Dechemilizertm Systems can be designed to target issues such as organic run-off, turbidity, arsenic, and acidity.

Dechemilizer Systems