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Water Filtration Systems

A multi-stage water filtration and water softener combination with a brine tank

Water Doctors offers solutions for any problematic water issue in any setting including iron, arsenic, chlorine and more.

Water Filtration Systems

Food Service Filtration Systems

A three stage water filtration unit designed for the food service industry from Water Doctors

Provide your customers with great-tasting water, coffee and other beverages while extending the lives of Espresso Machines and Beverage Centers.

Food Service Filtration

Water Station Water Coolers

Water DoctorsSM Water StationTM point-of-use water purification systems provide pure, delicious hot and cold drinking water right where you need it

Water Coolers

Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Industrial sized water treatment system from Water Doctors in operation

Businesses across the entire spectrum of industry rely on Water Doctors Commercial and Industrial equipment for their water treatment needs. 

Commercial Water Treatment Systems