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Budget Tech water softener and brine tank two-in-one cabinet model from Water Doctors

Soft Water and Water Doctors Guaranteed Quality

Water Doctors Budget Tech Water Softener combines the Clack Corp. softener valve & durable fiberglass tank with the sleek design and advanced usability of an LCD electronic control. The patented microprocessor keeps a running average of the previous 8 days' water usage and automatically adjusts the conditioned water reserve higher or lower as required, ensuring you soft water when you need it and saving money on energy and salt expenses.


Budget-Tech Water Softener

Single Tank or 2 Piece Styles Available

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Budget Tech is a good choice for small homes & budget minded customers.


  • Medium Performance 3/4" control valve & 3/4” distributor ensures good flow rate.
  • Six programmable cycles provide the flexibility to treat a wide range of water problems
  • Fully tested and Engineered Diagnostics 
  • 5 Year warranty on both tanks, Three-year warranty on the control valve
  • 70% Efficiency (conversion of salt to sodium chloride)
  • Recommended for water in hardness range of 7 to 14 grains per gallon
  • Space saving footprint 22.5” x 12.5” x 44.5”
  • 2- Piece Model 8x44 with 14” x 14” Brine tank


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