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Have a foul smell in your water? Your Reverse Osmosis system have low water pressure? Worse yet, are you getting iron staining throughout the house? When was the last time your water treatment system(s) were maintained?

Maintaining your water treatment system(s) is critical to keeping the system(s) operating at their optimal level, upholding their fullest life expectancy and delivering on your water quality expectations.  Here are a few common systems that are recommended for routine maintenance. 

Pro 4000 Reverse Osmosis

Keeping your water filters clean is important. If you’re not replacing your filters on your reverse osmosis system, it may no longer be working properly to clear contaminants. When contaminants such as metals, bacteria, and other toxins are plugging up your filters, then you may experience foul water. Filters being plugged up also slows down your water production it will be harder for your water to pass through the filters to produce pure water. Many beverages can be up to 99% of water such as tea and coffee, therefore water should be filtered before ingested. And, it is important to stay abreast annual filter changes on the system. 


Whole house Infinity system

Infinity is Water Doctors whole house filtration system. Infinity has a layer of carbon media which we recommend removing and replacing in the tank every two years, with keeping up with the maintenance on this unit we guarantee a lifetime warranty. The carbon helps filter out but, not limited to, arsenic, iron, manganese, and all chlorine. When carbon is not replaced it begins to deactivate and starts to let the harsh chemicals come back into the home again. Making sure clean water runs through your home is essential for your in-home plumbing, appliances, and skin. The unit is a self-cleaning and automatically measures the amount of water used and regenerates to remove the minerals collected. Keeping up with the maintenance goes further than filtering out harsh chemicals- it removes undesirable tastes, odors, as well, giving you purified drinking water throughout the whole house. 4 Stage Infinity Filtration


Iron Filter System

Maintaining your Iron Filter system is crucial for the valve. The valve is on top of the tank, inside it has spacers, seals, and injectors. If you’re not getting these parts checked and replaced every two years it can cause corrosion on those wear and tear parts. If those parts corrode, iron can start to come through and start damaging the valve. The Iron filter does more than just remove iron it takes care of odor, color, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and reduction of arsenic, zinc, copper, lead, and other radionuclides and heavy metals. 


In Summary

Overall maintaining your system(s) is important. It has great benefit to your home, appliances, health, and skin. We at Water Doctors Water Treatment Company  understand that life is busy, so we call you to remind you of these maintenance.