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At Water Doctors all our products are custom engineered and built specifically for each individual client. 

Meet Denis our second member in our Meet the Member Series. 

Denis is our Warehouse Manager and assembler. He wears many hats in the back shop. He is responsible for assisting with assembly of every single unit that is built to order, ensuring they are up to our highest standards. He makes sure that every product is received in good quality and leaves in a higher quality. 

He has great respect for his teammates. At the end of his day, Denis goes through each techs route for the following day, stages their equipment, checks for any special requests, and  the following day helps the techs unload their truck of heavy items or just helps get them ready for the day so they can get started on time. 

Denis takes great pride in the warehouse space. He makes sure all parts are placed in their correct location, the floors are always clean and cleared of debris and everyone coming into the space is safe and assisted. He is always willing to help whenever asked. 

Denis is originally from Moldova and speaks fluent Moldovian. He came to the USA six years ago with his wife and 2 daughters. They are very active in church. Denis and his family love to go camping, and swimming, “if there is water, I am there”.  We are thrilled that Denis has been part of over team for over 2 years. He has a great sense of humor and pride for his work and we can’t wait for many years of growth with him. 

We are thankful to have Denis part of our family. Please enjoy reading more about him.


denis graurName: Denis Graur

Job Title: Wearhouse Manager & Assembler

What do you love most about working at Water Doctors? I love making different units and helping to install them.

When not geeking out over water what can we find you geeking out over? 

Spending time with my kids and wife.  

What is your favorite movie or book or restaurant/meal? 

My favorite foods are Chinese and Italian.

If you could go anywhere in the world where and why?

I would like to take a vacation to the Caribbean Island. 

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? 

I jumped from a cliff into a sea. 

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denis with kids 2

denis with kids