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Hi All! Happy New Year!

We at Water Doctors Water Treatment Company are so excited for 2020. We have so many great events, tips and ideas that we are working on for this next year.

 Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Meet the Member

Twice a month, we will be highlighting a new member of our Water Doctors family and digging a little deeper into who they are and what their role is within the company.


It’s always great to hear what our clients have to say, whether good or bad. And we want to share that with you.

Blog posts

These will consist of trends within the industry, general FAQ’s, a deeper dive into specific topics, and lots of pictures of what our awesome installers are working on.

Let’s take a real quick look back at 2019 and a few of its highlights….

The original Water Doctor Man was rebranded:

...from  WD logo old    to WDR Logo Vertical

Celebrated over 35 years in the industry...WHOOP WHOOP!

Brought on new employees including:

A Scheduler

Administration Assistant

Internal Marketing Representative

3 Field Technicians

We were awarded 3 Trillium Awards by Housing First MN for the partnership with the great homebuilders in the state of Minnesota


All said, it was a great year and we hope you will enjoy this journey with us. We want to use this platform as an opportunity to share our knowledge and love of water treatment. To be a space to get to know the Water Doctor family and company a little more intimately. Lastly, keeping up to date with what’s trending and what we are up to.

Happy Reading!

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