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It seems that no matter who you ask, you'll always get a different answer. The experts used to say 8 glasses a day. Then they changed their standard because every person is different, and so person's needs are different. But the challenge to drink more clean, healthy, purified water is still one worth taking on.

 Pure Water: The More...The Better

The more water you drink (assuming it's pure water), the better you'll feel, the healthier your hair and skin will be, and the more fit you'll be. Healthy water consumption is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. Aleta Burchyski decided to take on the challenge of drinking a full gallon of purified water a day for an entire month. Read more at Tap Water Truth

At Tap Water Truth, we're aiming to educate people on the important issues surrounding healthy water. From understanding the toxins that come from our taps to stepping up to the challenge of a healthier, happier lifestyle, we're doing everything we can to make pure water a regular part of your life.