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We have a saying at our company. If someone doesn’t buy a filter, they’ll be a filter.

In other words, chemicals in water will eventually…always…be removed: At the tap or in the body.

A water treatment solution (like reverse osmosis) will remove the toxins or minerals from drinking water. If someone doesn’t have a water filtration system in place, their bodies do the work to filter out those toxins from their water. Within just seconds of taking a drink of water, our skin absorbs the chemicals present.

 Either at the tap or in our bodies, chemicals are removed from the water.

This is true for the chlorine that your city treatment plan added to your water to remove cholera and typhoid fever. It’s also true for the run off from the pesticides sprayed on crops and lawns and for the arsenic from your well. These all end up in your body and all have side effects.

This isn’t some attempt to sound dismal or fatalistic. We’re not distributing free skull and bones stickers for kitchen facets and we’re not starting an anti-city-water-treatment initiative. Cities do what they can with the demands, and resources, that they have. But what they do has its consequences to our bodies and to our homes. 

We are privileged to live in a time and a country where many of the water-borne illnesses have been eliminated thanks to these treatments. We simply need to understand that these treatments are just not a final solution. When it comes to the water we drink, cook with, bathe in, and run through your appliances, there’s a lot more we can be doing.

If you want to have your water tested to see exactly what toxins and chemicals you’re dealing with in your home, click here.