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Pure Water: A Promise We Make

Whether it’s water treatment for a home or a business…
Whether installing a complex full-house water system or a basic filter at your kitchen sink…
Whether it’s to improve metallic water’s taste or tap water’s toxicity…
No matter your water treatment needs, Water Doctors makes a promise to every single person we serve.

That promise? Purity. 

 But it’s safe to assume that every water treatment company would make that same promise. So what makes Water Doctors different? 

Water Doctors gives each customer the promise of resolving their unique water quality issues. Consider this: the purification process means something different for you than it does for someone across the street or across town. Pure water isn’t just about taste. And it’s not just about making water soft or free from contaminants. That’s why the stockpiled filters you can buy at the store aren’t necessarily a solution. They aren't designed for someone with your street address, with your pipes and municipality's water treatment process. 

Pure water, as we define it, means that the treatment that your water gets is specific to your water. 

And piling up empty plastic bottles from cases of “purified” water you buy at the store (which, if you do the research, you’ll find that much of the bottled water on the market is no different than a lot of the tap water out there) is not a solution to our issues with contaminated water. 

At Water Doctors, we treat your water with a custom-designed treatment solution. 

In other words...

If there’s arsenic in your water (if you get your water from a well—you should have your water checked), you should use a filtration method that is designed to remove arsenic. Chlorine in your tap water can be at various levels, depending on the city where you live and the treatment solutions your city is using. And so the list goes on…fluoride, nitrates, various minerals, toxins. Your water is different, and so making it pure requires different treatment than other water.

This is what makes our water treatment different. And it’s what makes it possible to promise pure water to our customers. 

No shortcuts. No cookie-cutter solutions. Every water treatment solution from Water Doctors is custom-engineered to the water it’s treating. 

It works like this: We test your water. We discover its condition. We apply our expertise to determine the purification process for your water. We work with you to make something happen. We install that solution and manage the maintenance of it. 

Whether we’re installing a whole house custom-engineered water treatment solution or a new spigot at your kitchen sink for drinking water, we address every customer, and every customer’s water, individually. 

Have your water tested to see what it will take to have pure water.