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At Water Doctors, we believe that good water should be a given. It’s because of this belief that we have engineers who are constantly and innovatively resolving water quality issues. They are finding ways to filter and soften a home’s specific water condition...and they are doing it without making water treatment a pipe dream or a daunting financial commitment. 

It’s also because of this belief that we’re choosy about the companies we partner with.

Our partners must value quality. They can’t take shortcuts when it comes to craftsmanship or performance. Our partners must value people. People matter more than things, and the work we do should put them in a better position in life because of our contribution. We want partners who value quality and people as much as we do. And that’s why we’ve partnered for years with Lennar Homes. They’ve been taking care of people for decades, with quality and service that values family and preserves something that lasts.

This week, our friends and partners at Lennar are running a Veterans’ Day Sale that puts a Water Doctors’ water softener into each purchased no cost to the homeowner. At Water Doctors, this tells us two things:

  • They value quality. The Water Doctors softener they’re putting into these homes is a solid product that will improve a homeowner’s experience.
  • They value people. They’re honoring the people buying homes with quality products and they’re recognizing the veterans who have served this country.

Lennar Veteran’s Day Sale

Good water should be a given.

At Water Doctors, because of our partnership with Lennar, we get to see this become a reality for homeowners.