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A family holding hands in prayer around a Thanksgiving table

Everyone loves Christmas, and I admit that seeing the magic in the eyes of kids is a pleasure. But Christmas has become very commercial. Every year it's less and less about the Miracle of Christ's birth and more about Black Friday shoppers traveling in herds and spoiled teenagers keeping records of their gift tally to make sure it reaches last year's benchmarks.  Thanksgiving is more organic. It's a time to gather with family and reflect on the things you already have, rather than the things you hope to receive.

My grandma holds the unofficial title of World's Best Cook. She could put the Epic Meal Time men to shame. But I'm thankful that Thanksgiving dinner is served just once a year. Otherwise, my Christmas list would include nothing but pairs of pants in the next size up. The situation always plays out the same way. I stack my plate so high with mounds of mashed potatoes, buns, turkey, ham, and various other delicious dishes that I briefly wonder whether my stomach will need to rent out space in my liver to make room. As soon as the apparent last bite has been consumed, the waistlines expanded, and the belts loosened, Grandma will appear with an array of pies, bars, and cookies. As everyone in the family peers at dessert with the wary gaze of those whose eyes were bigger than their stomachs, Grandma will inquire "What's the matter? Don't you like chocolate pie?" So, being the considerate family we are, we dutifully tie the feedbag back on. After all, we don't want to offend her. That's the kind of family time I am thankful for, but everyone has their own blessings to think about. Before you head over the river and through the woods, consider these five reasons to be thankful for modern water softening technology.

  1. Better tasting food – Thanksgiving is all about the food, right? But even the best cook is only as good as his or her ingredients, and water plays an important role in the preparation of a number of classic Thanksgiving dishes. Modern water softeners like our Infinity brand eliminate unwanted odors, sediment, and inorganic chemicals that can transfer to your food. Whether you are boiling your mashed potatoes or rinsing the cranberries to make that perfect sauce, your water softener enhances your Thanksgiving meal.
  2. You don't have to worry about getting sick – this is a given for those of us in developed countries, but people all over the world deal with bacterial contamination or poisonous levels of arsenic. Abraham Lincoln, who established the last Thursday of November as the national Thanksgiving in an attempt to unify the warring North and South during the Civil War, lost a child to typhoid fever after his son Willy drank contaminated water near the White House. Don't take clean water for granted.
  3. Your plumbing will last – When your house is packed with guests, you need to be sure your plumbing can handle the extra strain of increased use. Hard water leads to a buildup of limescale deposits that clog your pipes. Eventually, you need to replace those pipes, and in the meantime, you will be paying up to 25% more for your energy bills. Your water softener removes the calcium and magnesium minerals that cause the unwanted buildups to keep your plumbing and appliances running at peak efficiency.
  4. Your dishes will be cleaner – If your family is anything like mine, Thanksgiving dinner culminates with an assembly line of family members all working together to wash the pots, pans, plates, and everything else needed to create that delicious meal. Bussers bring the dishes to the sink, washers eliminate the remnants of food, rinsers cleanse the dishes of suds, dryers wipe them and stackers put them away. It's all very efficient, thanks to the water softener. If you have hard water, your soap is less effective, and even after the dishes are washed, you have to deal with soap scum and other deposits that make you wonder what all that hard work accomplished.
  5. You get to spend time with your family – Okay, so this one has nothing to do with modern water softening technology, but it's important to remember anyways. Sure, your uncle might have too much to drink, and you might have to listen to your cousin bragging about his latest promotion, but it's better than spending the holiday with strangers.

So this year on Thanksgiving, whether you're spending another fruitless day chasing that monster whitetail or falling into a tryptophan-induced coma watching the Macy's parade, remember how pure water helps ensure an enjoyable holiday. And when you belly up to that sagging table full of delectable food, remember to save room for dessert.

Brock Steger