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With the first official day of spring behind us, the time for spring cleaning is creeping closer.

So take a break from the duster and learn how soft water from Water Doctors isn’t just easy on your home fixtures but on your own exterior.

Ever heard of hard water stains? Also known as lime scale, they are the “cloudy” residue found on glasses when taken out of the dishwasher and the streaky, gritty white spots on the glass shower door. These stains are caused by hard water. Hard water contains a high level of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, as opposed to soft water which has a low level of minerals. After a surface has been cleaned with hard water, the leftover water evaporates leaving behind the hard minerals which result in unsightly, scaly streaks. While some products, and some serious elbow grease, can help remove the stains, doing this only treats the result…not the actual source.  What’s more, hard water minerals build up over time in pipes, causing damage to dishwashers and water heaters and creating a costly fix in the future.

Hard water is evident on home fixtures but have you ever wondered what it can do to your own skin? Just as it doesn’t dissolve well with home cleaning products, the same holds true for body soaps and shampoos. A “squeaky” clean from a shower is actually the result of soap residue leaving hair and skin dry and rough. New soft water customers often feel that their water is “slippery.” This is because the soft water cleanly washes away soap leaving zero residues on hair and skin. The result? Soft, hydrated, illuminating skin and hair that is scum free.

Find the best solution for your hard water with a custom engineered water system from Water Doctors. Our specialists determine the perfect system that will remove the minerals that are unique to your water and leave you with clean, soft water that will leave your skin and appliances happy.