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Two pairs of legs dangling off of a dock above a lake during a summer sunset

As temperatures rise in the mid summer months, Minnesotans know every trick in the book to keep cool, stay comfortable, and perhaps even enjoy the humid air and heat that impresses even the warmest of southern states.

While air conditioners hum to life and outdoor grills that replace kitchen warming ovens both help reduce the overwhelming summer temperatures, our proudest geographic feature has conceivably been the most favored, and innate, way for Minnesotans to cool off. With over ten thousands lakes to suit up, swim around, or anchor down in, it’s no wonder Minnesotans are passionate about, and proud of, their abundance of water.

 While the relief of a lake’s water on sun soaked skin is nearly unbeatable, other summer activities run a close race to the abundance of activities enjoyed in the land of ten thousand lakes.

1.) Thousands of lakes...thousands of trails. According the the Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota has over a thousand miles of trails to walk, bike, and hike. And with all that running and sweating, it’s always important to stay well hydrated to keep your head clear, your legs moving, and enjoy the natural scenery Minnesota has to offer.

2.) Cocktail Hour!  After a long bike ride, or just a long work week, a fresh summer cocktail on a warm summer night pair just as nicely as a cool lake on a hot day. Equip your favorite cocktail with the clearest ice to ensure your drink is beyond satisfactory and picture perfect. 

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3.) Now if a summer cocktail isn’t doing the trick to beat the heat of summer, a trip up north to the cabin is sure to aid in summer relaxation. Unfortunately all of us aren’t equipped with the luxury of our own cabin. However, it’s never too difficult to find a friend who does own a piece of paradise north of the metro area. Swap a weekend of kid watching with cabin sitting to make memories of summer last.

4.)  Tis the season for nuptials! The summer season is a favorite time for couples to tie the knot and start lives together. As couples look to pave their own paths and lead a life of their own, help start them off on the right, healthy, foot with a water system from Water Doctors.  A Water Doctor’s Water System offers an abundance of health benefits while allowing the couple to have the home design and elegant home appliances they gawk at in home magazines. Besides... how many kitchen cookware pieces does one couple really need?