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Water Doctors three stage reverse osmosis system with a silver faucet and five gallon storage tank

95% Total Purity

Water Doctors SMP3000 offers 95% total purity including the elimination of taste, odor, and heavy metals. Water Doctors quality and a one year parts warranty ensure you don’t have to worry about a breakdown, and the chrome faucet included with purchase makes a stylish addition to your kitchen. Each SMP-3000 is Custom Engineered to the end user to ensure complete satisfaction.


  • Custom Engineered to end user: Yes            
  • TDS Removal (total purity): up to 95%
  • Heavy Metals Removal: Yes  
  • Taste & Odor Removal: Yes
  • Sanitary Quick Change Filters: No
  • Filter Life Expectancy: 8 to 12 months
  • Annual filter expense: $82.00   
  • Warranty (When installed by WATER DOCTORS): 
  • 1 year parts/excluding filters   
  • Standard Faucet Included: Bright Chrome 


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