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The carbon filter cartridges for the Pro-2000 from Water Doctors

Quick Change Filters at an Affordable Price

The PRO-2000 Purifier features sanitary quick-change filters at an annual expense of just $44. The dual filter system is designed to remove dirt, sand, chlorine, taste, and odor from your drinking water. A sleek chrome faucet and a yearlong warranty on parts (excluding filter changes) are included on purchase.


  • Custom Engineered to end user:
  • TDS Removal (total purity): N/A
  • Heavy Metals Removal: No  
  • Taste & Odor Removal: Yes
  • Sanitary Quick Change Filters: Yes
  • Filter Life Expectancy: 6 to 12 months
  • Annual filter expense: $54.00   
  • Warranty (When installed by WATER DOCTORS): 
  • 1 year parts/excluding filters   
  • Standard Faucet Included: Bright Chrome


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