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Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying about Water Doctors water softeners and filtration systems.

Very happy with our new water system. The water could not be better. I will offer this system to all our customers

-Nick & Nicky Kressman, Kressman Homes


Water is an important factor to my family in my new home. With 2 young kids I’m happy to know everything is good to go.

-Andrew & Michelle Lindell


Very professional group of people to work with. Good information on how the equipment works, supplies to use & maintenance tips.

-Jackie & Don Grant


Our water was so gross. We would change our shower curtain every few months, now we don’t even have to wash our shower. Amazing!! Nast smell is gone.

-Laura Widel & Richard David


We have enjoyed having our new water system. We no longer buy bottled water. Our showers are way better with our new water system. We use less shampoo & soap. All of the people have been wonderful to work with from the sales person to the person who installed it. Thank you Water Doctors!

John & Pam Groebner


We are very happy with our system. Everything is softer from our skin to clothing and the fact about dogs drinking more is true! I highly recommend this to anyone. 

-Mark & Brienna Duax


We were never able to drink our water because of the taste and smell and always had dry skin and hard water spots on everything. We now Love the taste of our water and my hair is so soft after a shower.

-David & Jennifer Sheldon


The new water filtration works great! It tastes better and there are no omre water spots on my glasses. Jerry was great at explaining everything and super helpful and easy to work with. 

-Joua Lor


We love our new water system! Jerry was awesome! 

-Dave Bixler


We are very happy with our Infinity System and Reverse Osmosis System. Our water quality has greatly improved and it tastes good too!

-Joe Pogatchnik


Jerry is awesome! The water tastes so much better and my dishes are cleaner with less detergent use. Fantastic!

-Jessica Zastoupil


Jerry and the installer did a great job! The water retests were exactly what they should be. We would recommend Water Doctors to anyone!

-Ron Weber


Dealing with you (and everyone) has been a breath of fresh air. I really didn't know where to turn, when I started my water softener research. After talking to you just once, I was confident that you were the folks that I wanted to hire. I'm thrilled to buy a local product from a knowledgeable team.

-Jill Kahn


“We have done business with Water Doctors a number if times for various family members and have been extremely satisfied. strongly recommend his company and the excellent products and service.”

-Claire J. 


“Water Doctors is a very professional and personable representitive of the sofener line that we carry. I can always count on them to get things done.” 

-Pat Greig, Builder sales, Warners' stellian


“Water Doctors Water Company has provided water purification services to my home for the past several years. They have consistently advised me on the best way to solve my water problems at a reasonable cost. They have always performed as promised and in a timely fashion. I would highly reccomend Water Doctors.”

Gary A. Dachis

“Water Doctors have taken care of my families personal water quality needs for years.”

-Pete Sipe 


“Bob is a good man. He's trustworthy.”

-Jeff Warner 


“These guys are great! Hire them to do your water needs!”

-Matt Faulkner 


“We had Water Doctors put in a reverse osmosis water system in our new home and a water softener. Both units have worked flawlessly for years. We have gotten great value from these systems and highly recommend them to anyone who's looking. You cant go wrong.”

-Jeff Germann 


“Robert and I have had a long business relationship. His values and integrity as a business person are unquestioned. I can always count on Robert to deliver. His product line performs as promised and Robert always backs up what he sells. I would recommend Robert and his company to anyone needing is product and services.”

-Lee Wraspir 


“Water Doctors products are superior in nature. They took the time to test my water and designed a custom solutions for my specific water situation in my home. I was very pleased with the whole project and have recommended Water Doctors to many people throughout the Twin Cities.”

-Scott Johnson 


“They worked with us to make sure that our laboratory had the specific water requirements which we needed. When it came time for installation his staff at Water Doctors was very prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend Water Doctors for any commercial and home water requirements.”

-Mark Kowal 


“Water Doctors places customers first and values their business.”

-Matt Palmersten, Inside Sales, WaterGroup


“Water doctors provides good service and good value - that is something that can be hard to get in the water treatment business.”

-Kent Hagen 


“On a referral we contacted Water Doctors years ago. I recall having recurring water problems due to hard water, too much iron, calcium deposits on all our fixtures or water that was unsuitable for drinking. When we contacted our service provider about the problems more often than not it was always an equipment problem that needed to be changed. In the short term this somewhat improved the water quality. Eventually the problems reappeared. Over the years since we met Water Doctors I believe we've had to change our equipment once due to improved technology brought to our attention by WD not because we were having water problems. Instead of trying to fix our water problems by trial and error using different equipment to see if it worked, WD used technology to find the root of the problem. Then they matched the right equipment the first time to correct it. Now I have one less home maintenance hassle I don't have to deal with.”

-Randy Hadaway 


“I have worked with Water Doctors on several projects and would eagerly recommend their services and products to anyone. They pride themselves on integrity and trustworthiness and I will work with them on future projects.”

-Christopher Eddowes 


“I have know Bob Hoey for many years and have always been impressed with his work. He ha always made sure I have the "correct" water treatment not just "a" water treatment. I appreciate the extra concern he has for his customer's satisfaction. 

-Michele Willner 


“I recently moved and I can't wait for my water softener to fail so I can Have Water Doctors do in my new house what they did in my old house. I loved the soft water to the outside option for washing my cars, the water softener works great and has saved me money in its efficiency. I wouldn't think twice about who to call!”

-Cully Buranen 


“The news is filled with stories about city water contamination and the risks of drinking water each day from plastic water bottles. Our first Water Drs system went into our house as soon as we moved in. That was 15 years ago. When we remodeled we installed another Water Drs system because we could count the quality of the filtration and the expert installation. Water Drs also does a great job reminding us when our system is due for filters and inspection.”

-Brian Acker 


“Water Dr.'s really know their water. They provide excellent knowledge of their industry. We have always been very happy with their products and services. I would recommend them to anyone!”

-Kelly Klein, Appliance Manager, Ferguson Enterprises


“They provided my home in St Louis Park with water treatment for many years. Their prompt service on filters and any other needs for my whole house water system is of great value. I can't recommend Water Doctors too highly.”

-Jack Petroski


“We needed a new water softener installed immediately, since I was 8 months pregnant with twins.  Water Doctors was much cheaper than Culligan and could install the water softener immediately.  Everything about the installation went very smoothly.  With two babies and now toddlers, we have used a lot of water, and the water softener has worked great!”

-Barbara J


“Fast, fast, fast from taking the calls to discussing the need to scheduling, install, and to performing the work. Great crew.”

-Adam A


We suspected out water softening system was ready for replacement, so we took advantage of the water analysis offered by Water Doctors via Angie's List.  We were impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the representative who visited our home. Even though it was a few dollars more than buying it from a home improvement store, and trying to install it ourselves, we purchased a new softener, and a whole house filtration system from Water Doctors. All promises and scheduling were on target, and kept, and we are delighted with the products we have purchased.

-Thomas K


“Purchase made through Warner Stellian - Water Doctor called first thing next morning to schedule install. Day of install was smooth - arrived on time - very considerate of our home area (shoes, etc.). Demonstrated operation and asked several times if I had any questions. Said to call if any other questions arise. Install completed in two hours.”

-Jim H


“Bob came out to service the existing 21 year old unit, he tried to repair it and even replaced all the hoses but it was too expensive to repair. He quoted a new unit and gave us the credit back for the service he performed.”

-Tim & Marilyn A 


“Purchased water softener from Warner Stellians' - they set up delivery and installation by Water Doctors within 2 days of purchase. The plumber was on time, neat and courteous. He did an excellent job and was very good at explaining everything we asked.”

-Robert M


“Removed old non-operational water softener. Installed new Water Softener. Hauled out old softener and cleaned up. Charlie and Matt were on time, neat workers, who worked well together. Efficiently worked together. In one hour's time the new softener was operating. I would highly recommend their work.”

-Mark E


“The work turned out very well. They are reasonably priced. They continue to come out every couple years to change the filters and do maintenance work. The records show that our RO membrane needed to be replaced and the technician came out and looked at it and actually told us it didn’t need to be replaced, saving us some money, and updated then records accordingly.”

-Brenda J


"We are so happy with the Infinity System we purchased from Jerry and the Water Doctors. It's improved all of our appliances as well as our skin and hair from bathing. We feel it was a great investment! The drinking water is amazing as well!"

-T & J Cooke

"Our water was very hard and stinky. Now, no smells and no orange. We are very happy. Great so far to Water Doctors. Thank You!"

-Duane & Mona Meidl


"We are very pleased with the new water system. The service that Jerry and his team provides is outstanding! We are very pleased!

-Mike & Julie Skovran


"The new system is great! Our favorite thing about the new system is the flavor of our water has improved. It smells and looks so much better. - Thanks Water Doctors!"

-Noah & Kelly Balow 


"We are more than happy with our new water system! We were renting a system that did not do a very good job. Now we own a system that provides us with great tasting water and the ice cubes are crystal clear. My family drinks so much more water now. A great exerience from start to finish!"


-Mary & Jim Pilquist